Become an Partner / Reseller

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Attention ISMS and ISO Consultants – The service is a great tool that can help strengthen your customer relationships, improve process efficiency, keep track and better manage critical tasks and actions, and add an additional revenue stream to your consultative bottom line.

By partnering with Project Hosts, ISMS and ISO Consultants can refer or resell the service.  We’ll work with you on joint marketing activities to expand your business visibility and reach, while helping you streamline your program management and customer engagement activities through this unique ISMS tool.  As your business partner we don’t compete with you – we enable you. You’ll maintain your direct customer relationships, while we support you in the background with an efficient tool that’s built to help you and your customers achieve their certification.

We’re looking for ISMS and ISO Consultants who are interested in leveraging the service in their consultative endeavors. Please contact us at  for more information.